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Opening greetings


Emirido will finally open tomorrow, March 13th (Wed).

 I would like to express my gratitude to all of you for your help.

 From now on, Emirido will continue to value traditional manufacturing methods, use seasonal ingredients, and offer senbei with new flavors to everyone. We hope that our senbei will add some color to your special day or to a casual tea ceremony. We will have a large selection of seasonal products, so please come visit Emiri-do in Kobe and enjoy our senbei that you can enjoy with your eyes, taste with your tongue, and with all five senses.

 First of all, we look forward to welcoming each and every customer who visits our shop.


 For the time being, we will only be selling individual items in stores, and will refrain from packaging, shipping locally, or selling online. We are making appropriate preparations for packaging and shipping to local areas, so we will update you on our website and SNS. We also hope to be able to supply more products in preparation for the start of online sales around the end of GW (Golden Week). We will inform you again on our website and SNS.

 Well then, I am really looking forward to meeting you all.

 Hand-baked senbei Emirido owner

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